Video Gadis Ini Di Langgar Sehingga Maut Akibat Memandu Sambil Live FB

[Video] Gory Death Of 22-Year-Old Being Hit By A Bus Captured In Her Livestream

Livestreaming platforms from Facebook Live to Periscope and Bigo Live, among others, have been growing in popularity recently. And while people document their daily lives or special events through them, some have used it as a means to say goodbye to the world, apart from it being witness to shootings and other tragedies.

When a young Russian woman named Sitora B was driving to work in Kazan, Tatarstan, one morning, she livestreamed herself to her friends and followers, who would also be the people to witness her last moments in life.

The 22-year-old woman is seen cheerfully singing in her car, reportedly streamed on Russian social media site VK, looking straight into her smartphone which she propped up by the dashboard.

From time to time she reads messages from her followers on the screen, then at one point stops to look into the camera, and asks her viewers: “How are you? What are you up to? Where are you going?,” according to reports by The Sun.

And that’s when everything started going wrong. She looks at her phone one last time before her car starts shaking. Her phone falls to the floor and the screen blacks out.

What happened next was filmed by a witness of her gruesome accident. Her tiny Daewoo Matiz car had been hit by a bus, and the impact was so hard that she was thrown out of the driver’s seat and through the passenger’s seat window.

Her car was almost crushed in half while the sight of the happy pretty girl was no more than a bloody scene as blood trickled from her wounded head straight onto the ground where she was instantly killed on the spot.

On its website, in a statement dated March 24, police in Tartastan clarified the incident which occurred March 23 around 10.20am, saying, “During the incident, the victim conducted an online broadcast to a social media network.

“Constantly distracted from the control of her car, she moved to the roadside and when trying to return to the roadway, she went to the oncoming lane and collided with a Pavlovsky Avtobusny Zavod (PAZ) bus.

“As a result of the road accident, the driver of the Daewoo Matiz car died from the injuries received, while the PAZ bus driver and one other passenger were injured.”

The statement added that in the territory, in 2016, there were more than 4,000 cases of drivers using smartphones while on the road, and in the last two months of this year, more than 500 cases have been reported – warning the public of serious consequences that come along when drivers are distracted with their devices.

“The Office of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Tatarstan recalls the need for strict observance of the Road Traffic Rules and encourages drivers to be extremely careful and cautious.

“If you receive a call which you need to respond urgently, it's best to stop in a safe place and answer or use a special headset during the journey, which allows you to converse on the phone hands-free.”

"It's so strange seeing someone go from just driving a car singing along, to dead. Life is precious folks, you never know when it'll happen," commented a user who watched the footage.

Perhaps, the fate of Sitora could be a reminder for us all to remain safe on the road, keep away our devices, and always stay focused while driving, as we are not only putting our lives at risk, but others’ at risk as well.

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