Viral : Video Seorang lelaki Mengambil Rm10,000 Daripada Mesin ATM Rosak Dicari


KUALA LUMPUR: A surveillance video footage which recently emerged online showing the shocking moment an ATM was spitting out several hundred cash notes has gone viral, a local online news portal reported.

In the 17-second long footage which went viral on Youtube, a young man wearing a cap and clad in casual shirt can be seen looking around before hurriedly scrambling to grab the money spilling from the malfunctioning cash machine.

It is believed that the ATM 's system malfunctioned and it proceeded to spew out cash, allegedly totalling a whopping RM10,000, according to online viral news portal,

Meanwhile, it is uncertain if the man reported the incident to the authorities or the bank after encountering the sudden windfall.

Social media users reacted after watching the unusual footage with many expressing disbelief whether that is even possible while others questioned the location of the incident.

However, the exact location of the ATM is yet to be ascertained as of press time.


1 Response to "Viral : Video Seorang lelaki Mengambil Rm10,000 Daripada Mesin ATM Rosak Dicari"

  1. Hah...itu namanya rezeki. Takkan nak salahkan budak ni. Dia betul2 memerlukan wang sebab tu dia buat withdrawal. Tapi yang keluar berpuluh ribu. Rezeki dia lah tu.